CFT TRM DMCC focuses on international trading and/or logistical companies.

We have extensive expertise in:

  • Commodity markets (Grains, Proteins, Secondary metals, Energy)
  • Shipping
  • Risk management products.
  • Local representation and provision of resident/independant director for companies based in the UAE

We provide special management know-how to (trading) companies. We assist Boards or top-management in better understanding of risk management issues and help them to review or restructure their business plans.

Following the financial crisis in 2008, substantial higher commodity prices and the introduction of Basel III, obtaining finance has become an increasingly difficult and a very important element for trading companies. Our specific knowledge of the commodity markets combined with a thorough understanding of the banking business, allows us to provide companies with a complete approach to obtain credit lines.

In 2012 we have been active in advising an Indian company in how to structure and manage an international trading organization with headquarter in Dubai. 

Since November 2013 we are advising a major importer in a West-African country on its purchases of sugar and wheat and its foreign exchange risks in €/US $.